Lili: Child of Geos, Complete Edition Featured by STEAM!

Making the PC version was a lot of fun so we created a guide to show the many differences between the two versions.

Below, we've compiled some visual aids to help illustrate just how far we've come in the PC version.


It’s out!

Lili: Child of Geos is now available on Steam!  We are pleased to be able to make it available so soon!  Now you have something to do on the weekend ;)  

Lili: Child of Geos

Well folks, we're finally ready to release Lili for Steam! I must say; we're all pretty pleased with the result.  Lili: Child of Geos will be available on Steam in the next few days, but in the mean time here's our launch teaser to whet your appetites!

Our New Mega Update Featured by Apple – Gunner Z Outskirts!

-30 New Missions!

-Stunning New Levels in Zombie filled Suburbs!

-25 New Monsters!

-New Truck Model: The VR1 Bandit!

-2 New P.E.T.S. Models

-2 New Primary Weapons (Arc Cannon and BX1 Cutlass)

-New Achievements

-New Leaderboards

-Many New Challenges!

-Many Bug fixes and improvements!

BitMonster Games is on Vimeo! Check out Lili’s STEAM debut in stunning 1080P HD

Lili for Steam Reveal Trailer

All In-Engine footage of Lili for Steam.

Gunner Z version 1.20: helping hand for those who’ve lost saves

We are very excited about the new features we have in store for everyone in version 1.20, but we'll talk about most of that later.

For now we want to highlight one feature in particular which we are excited to deploy:  New functionality which allows us to give individual users Z and BX on a per case basis.  

What this means is anyone who has had their save wiped can contact our support alias and we can repay you for lost time, and lost items you've purchased in the store.  Unfortunately for those of you who have already lost your data you will have to wait for the update to be approved, but once it is we should be able to at least repair some of the damage done.  

To be clear, we can't give people Z and BX yet, but once version 1.20 is out we will send out emails to those who have contacted us already and post more information on our website and on facebook.

We are deeply sorry that this all happened in the first place, and very grateful for your patience and loyalty through the whole ordeal.  



Gunner Z headstart weekend extended through Monday

There was some confusion as to how to take advantage of the head start weekend, so we've decided to extend it another day and give people one last chance to get a head start.

To get the head start bonus:

-While connected to the internet, you need to create a completely new save.  You will get the bonus after Vee gives you your second vehicle.

How do you restart your save you ask? 

If you're "waiting for icloud" – just wait approximiately 10 minutes on this screen for it to give up and ask if you want ot delete your save  Say yes, and you now have a new save.


If you're NOT waiting for iCloud, enter your iCloud settings on your device, go to manage storage, find Gunner Z, then tap "edit" and delete all documents.  Now you should be in the "waiting for icloud" state and you can follow the instructions above. 


Again, the bonus comes after you get your second vehicle from Vee.  You tap the right arrow in the garage, and Vee will give you a second vehicle and ask you to rename it.  Once you're done customizing it you will get the headstart reward.

Gunner Z – Version 1.10 woes

Hey fellow Zombie Slayers!   Some of you have had a rough Halloween patch upgrade.  From Progress loss to having to wait a long time in order to play Gunner Z.  We are six guys crammed into an office and it really is eating us up that our players are upset.
UPDATE: 1.11 was just approved by Apple, and will be available in the app store within the next few minutes.  Please update to 1.11 first as it should fix most issues people are seeing with waiting for icloud.
First we want to say we have isolated the main issue and have submitted an emergency update to Apple which fixes it.  If you are seeing "waiting for icloud: no Documents" you should wait for this update (version 1.11) as it will let you read your existing save. If you are not interested in the headstart weekend, do NOT change any iCloud settings.  This may inadvertantly overwrite your data.  Sit tight and the update should be up soon.
For anyone who is having a different issue, or would just like to start a new boosted save, read on:
To try and make it up to you, we are going to have a Halloween Patch Weekend Event.
For anyone starting over from losing their Save Data we are going to give you:
- 1,000,000 ZMoney
- 1,000 BX
Additionally, we are going to make RAMPAGES cost 50 BX!
So this weekend if you are forced to reset you will get a pretty huge starting currency allowance from Vee!  And you can rampage like a BOSS back to the Mission you were at!
Additionally, in a future update we will have a special upgrade for Players who have been with us for a while!!!
We know that losing progress really sucks.  We do it daily for testing and it hurts every time.  But we hope that this helps some.