Established in 2012, BitMonster, Inc. is comprised of 5 passionate senior developers, previously with Epic Games and other Triple-A studios, who headed out to explore the world of indie game development.

BitMonster represents an inflection point in the industry where a small group of skilled developers equipped with powerful tools can make a huge impact and shape future trends.

Industry veterans all, their passion, talent, and expertise with their tools allow them to create some truly unique concepts that appeal to core gamers and casuals alike. It’s an exciting time for video games!


The Team

Demond Rogers

Demond is crazy versatile. Beyond being an amazing Senior Artist and Level Designer, Demond creates concept art, music, animation, cinematics, writing, sound design, and visual effects.

During his seven years with Epic, he shipped Gears 1, 2, and 3, Unreal Tournament 3, Infinity Blade, and Shadow Complex. He also created some of the environment art for the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Earlier, he worked at Red Storm Entertainment for 6 years and shipped Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, six different Ghost Recon titles, and four different Rainbow Six titles. Before that he worked at Random Games, shipping many casual titles like Scrabble, Rules of the Game, the Hasbro Classics series, and even the digital version of Squad Leader.

Demond is also active in the Global Game Jam scene, and created some successful entries in those events (The side scroller ‘Robot Love’ being one such example).

Demond is our defacto 'visual standards officer'.  If he's not pushing us to be more artsy or 'special', it's probably because he's at home making music.

Aaron Smith

Aaron has been cranking out hits for 13 years now. He’s worked with all manner of Character Art, Environment Art, Cinematics, Concept Art, and Visual Effects.

Shipped titles during his eight years with Epic Games include Gears of War 1, 2, and 3, Unreal Tournament 3, and Unreal Championship 2. He also modeled and textured many of the creatures for Epic’s upcoming game Fortnite.

Before working at Epic he worked with Nerve Software to develop Return to Castle Wolfenstein’s Multiplayer and Xbox version.

Prior to that Aaron did the majority of the character texturing work, and many effects for American McGee’s Alice while at Rogue Entertainment.

When he's not at a Wacom, it's a good bet he's out climbing something.  I mean seriously, the guy and his girlfriend drive to a different state nearly every weekend to camp and climb.  It's nuts.

Mikey Spano

Mikey has been a prolific Lead Technical Artist, Artist, Level Designer, and Lighting Specialist for well over a decade on a crazy amount of games.

Shipped games with Epic Games include Gears of war 1, 2, and 3, Unreal Tournament 3, and the XBLA hit Shadow Complex. Mikey also laid down the visual style groundwork for Epic Games’ upcoming title Fortnite, creating loads of stylized assets and the infamous "Durrrr Burger".

Prior to his six years with Epic Games, he worked at Red Storm Entertainment for six years and shipped four separate Rainbow Six titles, four different Ghost Recon titles, and the Sum of all Fears.

Mikey loves art of all kinds… graphic novels, surfing for art reference online, tattoos…  given his extensive ink, he's probably the safest of us to get locked away in prison.  But he's no thug, the worst he might do is throw one of his Skylanders figures at you.  He also has two awesome kids wholove Minecraft and an amazing girlfriend that makes gorgeous dresses out of things like sheet metal and roadkill.  Seriously.

Martin Sweitzer

After a brief stint in the world of eCommerce Martin Sweitzer embarked on his lifelong dream to make computer games!  While working at Sony Online Entertainment he met eleven other kindred spirits and Sigil Games Online was founded to create Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  With Vanguard, Martin was first introduced to the Unreal Engine and fell in love with it.  
At the start of the Xbox360/PS3 generation Martin started work at Epic Games, Inc.  Over the last 7 years he has worked on Gears of War 1, 2, and 3, Unreal Tournament 3, and Fortnite.  During those years he wrote and contributed to many gameplay and engine features across all aspects of the Unreal Engine.
At Epic, he was instrumental in getting Continuous Integration up and running companywide, was one of the handful of programmers who gave the technical portion of the Epic Programmer interview, was the primary programmer working on Gears Of War 1’s Multi-Player gameplay, and was heavily involved in optimizing each title near its ship date.
He is well known for his insane work ethic, always trying to make Artists and Level Designers’ lives easier, and willingness to find solutions to problems that others have given up on. 
Additionally, he has presented at GDC with talks such as “Building a Flexible Game Engine: Abstraction, Indirection, and Orthogonality” and “Automating Regression Discovery: Finding the Wrenches in the Gears of War” and is always willing to speak to people both in and outside of the Industry.

Matt Tonks

For just under ten years Matt has been developing his career in video games. In 2004, his beginnings as a hobbyist and modder led him to join the ranks of game development as a Software Engineer.



In 2007 Matt was hired at Epic Games where he has worked in a myriad of capacities; Matt’s primary responsibility was Artificial Intelligence for Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3. In addition to AI, he also contributed collaboratively and solely to many Unreal Engine features and gameplay systems. During his last months at Epic, Matt was a key member of the small team which developed the prototype for Epic's upcoming game, Fortnite.

Prior to working at Epic, Matt was at Electronic Arts Los Angeles for 3 years where he and one other programmer were responsible for all the AI in Medal of Honor: Airborne.

Matt has also contributed to several mod projects for various incarnations of the Unreal Engine as well as interned for several summers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


BitMonster welcomes our new Executive Production Management Director in Chief, Lucky our previous Executive taught us how effective a cat
can be in such a well defined role.  

Soda has not worked for any game development studios prior to BitMonster, but we feel after his constant intense staring (cats know our secrets) we'd give him a chance.  

He may best be known for eating anything that's not his food, turning on water faucets all over the house and being a surprise shower partner as he is not afraid of water and needs to know what humans are up too at all times of day.  

His lack of understanding what a keyboard is has revolutionized the BitMonster work environment.  He's not opposed to
crawling up on keyboards and undoing hours of work, whatever it takes to keep BitMonster's Quality bar high.


Who is Toast?! Toast is the champion of champions. A leader among leaders. With this distinction brings challenges and headaches which is why Toast went a little overboard with a bottle of ibuprofen during the holidays of 2014. She has fully recovered and now working on her autobidography "I, Toast"