Answering That Question

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve made a post about what’s going on. In today’s post, we are going to change that. First, we would like to announce that the official name of the upcoming update is “Reborn”. As some of you noticed, we were debating on calling it “Cataclysm”. However, we believe Reborn is much more fitting.

Now, onto the question that everyone has been asking: “is there going to be a server wipe or not?” The answer to this question is yes. As the name suggests it, GRAV is literally being Reborn. With a major update like this, we had no other option than to come to the conclusion that we will have to do a complete server wipe. Since the alpha launch back in January, we have introduced many small patches to the game and have not had to do any major server wipes. Reborn on the other hand, is anything but small and will introduce a ton of new features.

Honestly, it feels like a completely new game (much improved!). We simply couldn’t make a major change like Reborn without doing a complete server wipe. We want to remind everyone that GRAV is an Early Access game and is in alpha. We have been humbled by some of the stats we’ve seen from the dedicated GRAV community (some players with well over 1,000 hours of gameplay!). This has made this decision extra hard for us. However, we are committed to making GRAV the best possible game it can be and server wipes are a part of the process.

Just to be extra clear about what this means, all characters, resources and structures will be wiped. There is no need to break down your structures to keep resources, they will be disappearing with everything else. With that being said, we will be providing resource packs, titles, and a hat to players who were around before the wipe.

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We are very close to announcing a ton of new information, so stay tuned!

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