Announcing our new game: Gunner Z!!

Hey everyone!  It's a big day here!  We're crazy excited to share our new game with you!
Last September, we ventured to the island of Geos and explored the quirky nonviolent beauty in our critically acclaimed game Lili.  The following December, we worked with Coca-Cola and (RED) to make (THRED); a game that is helping achieve an AIDS-Free Generation by 2015.
For our next game we went with a drastically different flavor.  It's a game about zombies, weapon upgrades, vehicle customization, and trying to stop the apocalypse!  Today we’re announcing, exclusively for iOS, Gunner Z!
Gunner Z is night-vision turret combat with realistic modern vehicle weaponry on steroids!
In Gunner Z, you will create and modify a garage full of vehicles. These trucks, codenamed "AC-HMV”, have been modified with an extendable crane boom arm that supports remotely operated weapons.  Utilizing this, you will have full control of your view the game world, allowing you to raise or lower your weapons to clear out buildings or rake fire across the rooftops.
You will take your customized AC-HMV Gun Trucks into a city overrun by an undead army.  However, the enemies aren't merely mindless zombies; a powerful enemy military is using the engineered threat as a tool.  This powerful force deploys undead soldiers and huge biological beasts as weapons alongside remotely operated mechanized units such as aerial drones, tracked RPG turrets, APCs, tanks, and more.  The only force capable of stopping the undead army is YOU!
With Gunner Z, BitMonster continues to utilize the excellent Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games Inc.  All six of BitMonster's developers were previously with Epic Games and the tools are a natural fit and allow the creation of console quality games on mobile devices!
We hope you enjoy the trailer and screenshots!