Community Update #7

DeliqenT This awesome screenshot was taken by Steam user DeliqenT


Welcome to Community Update #7. It’s the first Community Update since the release of GRAV: Reborn. Since the launch of Reborn, we’ve had an increase in players, so if you’re new here, we would like to give you a warm welcome and for GRAV veterans, welcome back! We are committed to constantly improving GRAV and all of you have been excellent at giving us constant feedback. Since releasing GRAV: Reborn, we’ve released two follow up updates that have more than doubled the frame rate of the new starter planet. We were able to quickly release these updates because of the immediate feedback you’ve giving us. Today, we would like to share some cool screenshots of the new Reborn update and take a look at some new YouTube videos covering Reborn.

Reborn Screenshots

TeeeezLooks like Teeeez found the new waterfall!

Interesting-JohnThis interesting screenshot comes from Steam user Interesting John. See what I did there?

Palandrone14Looks like Palandrone14 is having fun racing through one of the new biomes on the new starter planet.

Bon-Bon-The-BeautifulI bet Bon Bon The Beatiful wishes they had a Dune Buggy right about now…

ChawlieMeanwhile, Chawlie is just enjoying the view.

Cosmic-HDThis may be a survival game. However, Cosmic HD shows us that you can find some help here and there.

YouTube Videos

Since releasing GRAV: Reborn, we’ve seen some new content creators cover GRAV. Below are a few YouTubers that have recently played the new update.

YouTuber – PsiSyndicate

YouTuber – BrySciFi

YouTuber – SERIOUSSAMBR (portuguese)

That wraps up this edition of our community updates. If you want to be a part of future community updates, you can do so by submitting your screenshots, videos, artwork or anything GRAV related to us by tweeting at us @playgrav. You can also e-mail us at with the subject line “Community Update Submission”. Until next time, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

Answering That Question

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve made a post about what’s going on. In today’s post, we are going to change that. First, we would like to announce that the official name of the upcoming update is “Reborn”. As some of you noticed, we were debating on calling it “Cataclysm”. However, we believe Reborn is much more fitting.

Now, onto the question that everyone has been asking: “is there going to be a server wipe or not?” The answer to this question is yes. As the name suggests it, GRAV is literally being Reborn. With a major update like this, we had no other option than to come to the conclusion that we will have to do a complete server wipe. Since the alpha launch back in January, we have introduced many small patches to the game and have not had to do any major server wipes. Reborn on the other hand, is anything but small and will introduce a ton of new features.

Honestly, it feels like a completely new game (much improved!). We simply couldn’t make a major change like Reborn without doing a complete server wipe. We want to remind everyone that GRAV is an Early Access game and is in alpha. We have been humbled by some of the stats we’ve seen from the dedicated GRAV community (some players with well over 1,000 hours of gameplay!). This has made this decision extra hard for us. However, we are committed to making GRAV the best possible game it can be and server wipes are a part of the process.

Just to be extra clear about what this means, all characters, resources and structures will be wiped. There is no need to break down your structures to keep resources, they will be disappearing with everything else. With that being said, we will be providing resource packs, titles, and a hat to players who were around before the wipe.

If you haven’t already followed our social accounts and want to stay on top of all the latest information, you can do so via these links: GRAV Twitter | GRAV Facebook | GRAV Reddit

We are very close to announcing a ton of new information, so stay tuned!

Community Update #6

Exploring With WingsuitScreenshot taken by Vomalash

Welcome to Community Update #6

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Community Update. First, we would like to thank all of you for your patience as we continue to work hard on the upcoming update. I would like to reward you with a sneak peek at some new weapons coming to the update: Assault Rifle Concept Art Pistol Concept Art I recently made a post on Steam about what we’re up to. If you’re curious about what’s going on and why we have been a bit quiet lately, you should check it out.

Also, we are still running the Streamer Starter Kit. We are currently in the process of converting the original post to a page that includes a form, so you can more easily and quickly reach out to us about receiving a GRAV Steam key. In the meantime, you can still participate by sending an email to with the subject line "Streamer Starter Kit". We are looking for streamers and YouTubers who are active and have some sort of following. It doesn't have to be a huge following, we just want to make sure that when you say something, there is a group of people who listen.

We are also looking to partner with some larger streamers, so if you or someone you know has a large following (at least 10,000 followers/subscribers), we would love to hear from you! As we come closer to releasing the next update, we want to make sure that streamers with larger audiences have an opportunity to share what the update has to offer in hopes of growing our community. For more information, message us at with a link to your stream or YouTube channel.

Since our last post, we've seen the official launch of YouTube Gaming and the first ever TwitchCon, so we feel like it's only right that we share some of the best Let's Play videos that have released since the release of GRAV back in January.


Entak has a great gameplay series that includes 15 videos. This series includes solo gameplay, multiplayer gameplay and a survival guide for new players.

BaronVonGamez also covered GRAV in a 3 video series that includes some funny commentary and gameplay.

Starsnipe’s videos on GRAV are excellent and they do a good job of showing off the soundtrack and some of the more relaxing aspects of GRAV.

BriSciFi recently uploaded an excellent 9 part series of GRAV that covers some of the more recent additions to the game. You can see the first episode of the 9 part series below:

Music Mix

Before we close this edition of community updates, we would like to share a really cool music mashup that was sent to us by YouTuber VJspacecat.

This wraps up this edition of our community updates. We’re going to continue to power through the upcoming update and get news out as soon as possible. Until then, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

Community Update #5

Player Holding The Moon This beautiful screenshot was taken by Steam user Becca


Welcome to community update number five. In this post, we will take a look at some excellent community screenshots, say thanks to streamers that have taken part in the Streamer Starter Kit, shine a spotlight on a YouTuber covering GRAV in an excellent let’s play series and lastly, we will leave you with a new armor set coming soon in our next major update.

Astronaut Flying on The MoonThis screenshot comes to us via Steam member Gorgamesh

Astronaut Dancing on Camp FireCheck out this screenshot and more by Steam user Sotona88

Streamer Starter Kit

For those of you that haven’t heard, we have recently released a new program we call the Streamer Starter Kit. With this program, we offer select streamers/YouTubers an opportunity to get a free Steam key for GRAV. We also promote these selected streamers on Twitter and this blog. To see more information about this program, check out our introductory post. Below are streamers and YouTubers that have taken advantage of this program.

YouTuber Spotlight

It’s been a while since we did a YouTuber spotlight, so here goes. YouTuber BrySciFi has been covering GRAV in a let’s play series and it has been pretty entertaining. Below, you can see the on-going series. However, you should also check out some of his other videos.

Temple Dungeon Set

Take a look at this new armor/weapon set coming with our next major update. Stay tuned for more information (especially this Saturday). Temple Armor Temple Sword

This wraps up this edition of our community updates. We are working really hard on the upcoming major update and will have some more information soon. Until then, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

Community Update #4.5

Standing in GRAV World This excellent screenshot was taken by Steam user Merdok


Welcome to a quick edition of our community updates. We would like to start out by saying thank you to everyone that has reached out to us about the Streamer Starter Kit program. In total, we have given out keys to 26 streamers/YouTubers. We are very excited for all the new streamers to show off GRAV to new audiences. If you’re a streamer and want to apply for our Streamer Starter Kit, you can do so by checking out this post With that being said, we are going to take a look at some streamers that are playing GRAV (and giving away a few copies) this week. We also mentioned our big upcoming update (official name is coming soon) earlier this week. At the bottom of this post, you can see some new screenshots of the new starter planet.

Streamer Starter Kit

Since launching our trial Streamer Starter Kit program, we have seen a ton of great responses. This has been very exciting and we have been able to coordinate some special giveaways with a few streamers this week. Below are streamers that will be giving away 1 copy of GRAV each day until this Friday (8/25), so be sure to check them out.

New Starter Planet Screenshots

Below, you can see some more screenshots of the upcoming starter planet. When we are able to, we will break down each major update/change that is coming with the future update. For now, we leave you with these screenshots.

IMG_8666 IMG_8667 IMG_8668

This wraps up our quick Community Update. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


Introducing The Streamer Starter Kit

Want More Visibility on Your Stream/YouTube Channel? We’re Here to Help.


// Since launching this program, we have had a ton of requests and want to thank everyone that has reached out to us! You guys are great. However, with this flood of requests, it ha made it very hard for us to reply to everyone in a timely manner, so if you haven’t been seen a reply from us, we apologize.

We have also seen a bit of confusion (most likely due to the way we worded the process), so we want to take the time to clear a couple things up.

1.) This program is open to everyone. However, not everyone will get a key. When you message us, it’s more of an application. We evaluate everyone individually. There are no requirements, so you may have only 25 followers, but get a key. We just want to make sure that we aren’t giving keys to users that have either A – just created a profile for a free key or B – user has an old profile, but doesn’t use it and are only linking to it to recieve a free key.

There are other reasons, but we don’t want to bore you with a long list.

2.) We have had a few people message us about reviewing GRAV. We didn’t mention reviewers in the Streamer Starter Kit becuase we didn’t think about it. However, we are always open to sending keys to individuals that want to review GRAV. Keep in mind, this is an application process as well. We just want to make sure your intentions are real. Other than that, you will most likely get a key :)

Once again, we want to thank everyone that has reached out to us. It has been pretty exciting and we look forward to seeing more people covering GRAV. //


Earlier this month, Steam user BA_Bass created a new group called the GRAV Steam Team. We were very excited when we found this and have decided to create a new way to help promote any streamer that wants to cover GRAV. We are calling it the Streamer Starter Kit. We are not limiting this service to just streamers. YouTubers are also welcome.

Basically, we are willing to give *anyone that wants to cover GRAV a GRAV Steam key to giveaway on their channel. We will also promote anyone that covers GRAV by mentioning your streams/channels on our social media profiles. There are no follower requirement to take part in this. We want to help all of you, just as much as you help us. We are giving away a minimum of 1 Steam key per user. However, if you have a decent following (this will be evaluated on a case by case basis), then we are willing to give you many more keys to giveaway.

Keep in mind that this will initially be a trial run. If too many people take advantage of this program (sell keys, not actually stream GRAV etc…), then we will end this program. However, if everyone can be honest and transparent, then we have no problem making this a longer term thing.

As stated above, there are no follower requirements. However, we would like to have open communication with anyone that wants to receive a free key. We aren’t saying we want to hold your hand throughout the process. We would simply like to know when you will be streaming and/or releasing your video on YouTube so we can mention it on our social media accounts. Also, we do not require that you say only nice things about GRAV. GRAV is an early access alpha game, so if there are things you don’t like about the game, you are free to voice your opinion. In fact, we would love to hear about your ideas and experiences with GRAV. You can do this by being active on the GRAV Steam Community, or by taking part in our on-going surveys by sending an email to with the subject line “GRAV Survey”.

To receive your Streamer Starter Pack, all you have to do is send an email to with a link to your Twitch/YouTube channel (from the same business email address that is on your Twitch/YouTube channel), how many followers you have (remember there is no minimum), when you want to stream/upload video and any other notes you want to add. We would prefer that you use the subject line “Streamer Starter Kit”, so we can more easily find your email and get your key(s) to you that much faster.

We hope to see many participants and if you don’t stream, but know people that do, we would love it if you could spread the word!


Major Update Teaser

Underwater in GRAV


Hello GRAV players,

Today, we have good news and slightly bad news. First, the slightly bad news is that we won't be pushing out the next patch as soon as previous patches.

The good news is that the next patch/update will be a major one. When I say major, I mean it's pretty serious. Today I will leave you with a few notes and a screenshot. Make sure to follow our Twitter account because we will be releasing many spoilers in the future on this account.

Major Update Notes:

  • New Starter Planet
  • New UI/Inventory
  • More Enemies
  • Weapon Cost/Progression Rebalance
  • And Much More…

Lastly, we have some more unrelated, but very cool news to announce tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Community Update #4

Horse HeadsGet ready to prance around with these sweet new hats! Coming soon…


Welcome to the fourth edition of Community Updates. Before we begin, we want to thank everyone that has participated in our recent survey. Your answers and suggestions have been nothing less than excellent. We are incredibly appreciative to have such a passionate community. If you haven’t participated in our survey yet, you can still do so by sending an email to with the subject line GRAV Survey (only if you want to). Also, as you can see from the image above, we are adding some sweet new hats soon. We also have some more cool teasers that we will be showing off tomorrow on Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned.

Twitch & YouTube

Recently, we found a very interesting thread in the Steam Discussions from Steam user BA_Bass where he discusses starting a stream group. Since the creation of this group, we’ve seen some new streamers playing GRAV on Twitch. This includes Bwana, Daopa, Bandhelix, BA_Bass and others. We’ve had a lot of fun watching these streams and we look forward to many more. In fact, we’ve been throwing around some ideas on how to encourage more people to stream GRAV, so stay tuned because we should have an announcement on this soon. Also, you should definitely check out this Let’s Play series from YouTuber Larry Chupacabra. You can see the first episode below:

Cool Bases

While looking through recent screenshots, we found a massive amount of excellent bases, so we thought it would only be fair to show off some of the outstanding bases that caught our attention.

red-green-baseRoyal Bouch Dag’s colorful beast of a base.

marvelous-baseUNAVAILABLE’s truly marvelous base.

cool-base-placementCheck out the cool placement of this base by the holy piece of sh*t (keeping it family friendly).

green-beast-baseCheck out this cool greenroom (get it?) by Spacial Buckets

red-yellow-baseHere’s another superbly colorful base by Steam user Marchi

Random Awesomeness

There was just too many great screenshots to choose from. Because of this, we have decided that the best way to describe the images below is to just call them random awesomeness.

wingsuit-green-landscapeThis beautiful screenshot was taken by malibu

dancing-with-crewHere’s MK and his crew going hard in the paint

exploring-on-moon79RoNiNCZ cruising on the moon

This wraps up our fourth Community Update. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


Community Update #3

GRAV in ColorRoyal Bouch Dag has taken advantage of the new color options by creating this really cool looking base. You can check out more of his colorful creations in this thread.


Welcome to the third edition of Community Updates. With Patch 21, we added the ability for you to change the colors of your bases. In this update, we will check out some new stylish bases and we’re also going to check out project Citadel and other random awesomeness. Let’s get to it.

So Many Colors!

It’s only been a few days since Patch 21 launched and we’ve already seen some really stylish bases pop up.

Colorful Base Another view of Royal Bouch Dag’s base.

Colorful Dance OffThis dance off comes courtesy of Steam member N.O.shotgun

Green BaseThis green beast is another remarkable creation by community member Klipwc


Sometimes when exploring, building and surviving, you have to take a step back and get a few selfies in.

Moon SelfieThis very cool Moon selfie comes from community member Murdok

Cave Selfie19RoNiNCZ taking a quick selfie break before venturing out in pursuit of rare loot.

Wood SelfieBad joke in 3..2..1……Got Wood? Ba dum tss! You can thank Cane Skretteburg for provoking that terrible joke.

Project Citadel

If you haven’t already heard of Project Citadel, you should definitely check it out. Klipwc and friends are currently building a full city for free running. The overall design is based off of Hangsha of Dues Ex. You can see a rough design of the city entrance below. For more information about Project Citadel and a recap of day 1, see this thread.

Project Citadel Entrance

Giveaway and Let’s Play

If you haven’t purchased GRAV yet, you should definitely check out these videos. One of them by MineDatFunky shows a trailer of GRAV. He is also giving a away 2 copies, so you could end up winning a free copy of GRAV! The other video by YouTuber Commander ChaosWulff is the first episode of his exploring GRAV series.

This wraps up our third Community Update. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.