GRAV Independence Day Sale & Patch 19 Notes


Hello everyone!

Patch 19 is on its way and we're excited to go over some of the new additions that will be coming with the new patch. Also, did I mention that you can get GRAV right now for 30% off?! That’s right! Starting on June 29th and running through Independence Day weekend, you can save 30% on GRAV.

Dune Buggy

With Patch 19 comes the addition of a new vehicle. We've had fun with the dune buggy and are ready to hand over the keys.


Happy 4th of July!

We've added a couple new additions to GRAV to help you celebrate Independence Day in style. These additions are:

  • Fireworks!
  • Sweet New Top Hat!


Cool New Rooms

We've added some additional rooms for you guys to add to your bases, so get out there and get building.


Patch 19 will be out very soon. We hope you enjoy the additions and have an excellent Independence Day.

BitBlog #3

FireIce_BannerHello everyone, here's an update on what Bitmonster has been working on for Patch 17 and upcoming Patch 18


Tundra and Magma planets can now be explored. Having the right gear to protect your explorer from the extreme temperatures is essential to survive in these harsh environments.


cold GRAV_Ice_Planet




icecave Yeti


You can find new monsters on the Tundra Planet and a new Ice Based Dungeon Cave System


CAG_ChattingAnother thing we've been working on recently is improving our VOIP (Voice Chat) system. Starting in patch 18 players can hold "V" to talk to nearby players just like before, except with the added bonus of it actually working!  Voice quality has been improved significantly, and several issues plaguing the previous implementation have been ironed out.  Sorry friends, no more "ghost whispers" telling you one another's FoF codes ;).  We've added a few more nicities as well like icons over player's heads when speaking, and broadcast HUD elements. 

Till next time on BitBog, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

BitBlog #2

Hello Everyone, here's an update on what BitMonster is working on for upcoming GRAV patches.



Concept Art for a Frozen Tundra planet, this will be a massive world in comparision with previous EXO-PLANETS. Along with this world there will also be new gear such as the Tundra Sword, Tundra Rifle, and Tundra Armor


Tundra_Sword Tundra_Rifle Tundra_Armor


Many Performance updates made it into PATCH 15, as well as some usuabilty improvements such as; Storage Bins now have take/put all button and Turrets, Generator, Campfires, Composters all have a 'fill' button and capacity now. Upgrading these items increases their capacities as well.

Some work is being done for upcoming particle FX and Graphics tweaks, campfires are getting a nice polish pass and Nighttime will get sound and visual improvements.



Till next time on BitBlog, BUILD EXPLORE DANCE SURVIVE.


BitBlog #1


Weekly Updates on the development of GRAV, we will start posting regularly on what we've been up to.


Last week we put together a short sizzle reel of the many updates and features that have been added to GRAV over the last few patches.


Several new planets have been added to GRAV's current universe, one in particular is rather unique, the Exo Planet Desert World.


A fast vehicle is essential to traveling the long distances between desert oases. Players exploring this world will be rewarded with new crafting materials such as Sun Stone which can be used to make Desert Type Armors and Weapons.Desert_Armor Desert_Rifle



Exploring Moons in GRAV is one of the ways to aquire the Crafting Element Plasma with plasma you can create Plasma Type Armor and weapons and soon the Plasma Shield.

Plasma_Armor Plasma_Rifle



Recently we have also added base building with low level materials, wood and a few fossils is all that is needed to make a Frontier Base in GRAV.  Rustic and lovely yet kind of temporary bases for the masses, like a starter home with a starter marriage built in.


Till next time on BitBog, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

GRAV Patch 10 is Here!

Patch 10 has finally passed muster and is ready for everyone's enjoyment! Along with the usual dosage of bug fixes we have some fairly big features coming online such as shared planets, full stargates, etc. 

Patch 10 Build notes:


  • All Dungeon Instances have been regenerated. This should fix the various tiny science station and alien temple dungeons.
  • All outside level ranges per area have been regenerated. 


  • Maxunit for German ongoing translations 
  • EmotionFox for French translation 
  • Once-ler for a number of grammar fixes


  • Planet Stargates are now active! Every Physical Server (e.g. all of the East Coast Servers) will have a number of ExoPlanets and Moons that are available to them ALL! So let the cross HomePlanet battle for Ultimate Control Commence! We will have a more detailed Blog Post on the high level idea behind this! 
  • Loading Level Optimizations. Loading into the game should be faster now 
  • Memory Usage on Clients reduced 
  • Compass UI is now Active. More items to come. Bags are circles, nearby caves are doorways, etc. 
  • Cluttered text on HUD has been consolidated, and cleaned up 
  • If you are falling you can immediately activate the JetPack. (Shoutout to James 'Tank' Lowe) 
  • Teleporter Rooms have been added to the game! This item will take you between two nodes! So start building the magnificent routes across the world! 
  • New Artifact Sword Model! 
  • More Server CPU Optimizations 
  • Localization: German is now ACTIVE! We have modified the engine so that partial localization is now possible! If there is a translation you will see it otherwise you will see English. 
  • Localization: Francais is now active! 
  • Laser Fence will now show multiple lasers as it is upgraded. 
  • MultiTools of each Tier now have a different visual look. 
  • Fixed issues with science dome dungeon and alien temple dungeon causing them to turn out much smaller than intended


  • Magazine Sizes have been reduced. Just holding the button down and hosing is not that interactive. This also paves the way to towards active reload.

  • Nexus Shield Nodes should actually be useful now. Security Setting is set to FoF, so the building restrictions should work without having to do anything special. Shield Nodes now function the same in PVE and PVP for damage stopping. Specifically, no damage to rooms but you can damage Non-Rooms (this includes doors). Nexus Shield Nodes (when active) now block all INCOMING bullets! You can stand inside the shield and shoot the attackers!

  • Death: You no longer drop vehicles when you die. Dying and losing your jetpack can result in cases where you just can't reach your backpack orb. While that has created some amazing stories of loss, shock, comprehension, overcoming the odds, and eventual triumph that isn't quite what we had in mind for dying in those kind of locations :-)

  • Death: When killed by the Environment / Monsters only the owner will be able to loot the bag. Being killed by a monster and having a player get a free bag just from logging in or walking by isn't what we think should be happening. Even with the bag timers people are still having their bags taken with _no effort_ on the taker's part.

  • Death: When killed by a Player (i.e. PVP'd) you no longer can lose your ITEMS. Items will still be placed in the dropped bag but will only be lootable by the owner of said bag. Resources and Crafting Materials will be in the bag and be lootable. Currently, many of the top tier items are a pretty intense effort to acquire. Most of the stories we have heard of people eventually being killed were not stories with a happy ending. We believe there is a place for losing items and that will be the HARDCORE PVP server. For the many players who just load up the game and join a server we think this will result in a better play experience.

  • Combat Logging: If you have not been in combat in the last 60 seconds then logging out is instant (Shoutout to Dr. Mansouri for the lucid description supporting this change)

  • Fix return portals being able to be destroyed (Shoutout to Onceler for umm 'testing' this on a number of moons

  • Storage Bin blueprints now have a higher drop chance.


  • Generators should auto turn back on once again. 
  • Fixed New Planets not getting World Events 
  • Handle cases where people have more Items/Blueprints/Materials than the replication can handle. 
  • For Servers with more than one IP/Virtual NIC/VPN/etc we now specify spawned planets' IP as the same as the spawning planet process 
  • Fixed Uplinks returning from the dead. 
  • Fixed building walls returning from beyond the grave. 
  • Fix PVE Planets' Moons not being PVE 
  • Fix Nexus Nodes not using their upgraded radius for where you can build 
  • Fix cases where a machine with multiple IPs could end up with spawned moons/planets being untravelable to 
  • Better handle the case where steam could not initialize correctly causing the server to be in a 'hung' state and not accept connections 
  • Fixed a pervasive server crash 
  • An Item duplication bug fixed. (SHoutout to WocketPocket for a great find here) 
  • Fixed being able to fire whilst in a vehicle in certain situations 
  • Fixed situations causing players to fall through the world when entering a monocycle

PATCHDANCE: A New Dance Added!

GRAV Patch 9 Now Out!

Patch 9 is now currently LIVE! The main focus of this patch is the first stage of our stargate plans, which is an all planet type; Moons! 
Along with moons patch 9 has many improvements and bugfixes. Full list follows: 

Patch 9 Build notes:

SPECIAL NOTICE: Combat logging is no more. If you combat log (e.g. force close the app) you will leave a backpack. You must now 'camp out' This can be done by typing 'quit' as before or by using the Esc Menu's Quit Menu Option 


  • Thanks to Maxunit! We now have a German Translation of GRAV! If anyone else wants to translate to your language of choice. Go for it! We will gladly put it into the game! 
  • jimbobslimbob for having a bad ass 4k monitor and bug reporting small text size. HUD text should scale with monitor res now!


  • Moon Stargates are now active. 
  • New Biomes have been found. For new Universes starting up you have a chance of starting on a never before seen Continent. For those already existing Universes, the existence of Planet Stargates have been whispered about in the various trade circles. 
  • New Resource Type: Plasma Found on moons! 
  • New Elemental Type: Moonlight Found on moons! 
  • New Stim: The Damage Stim blueprint will now drop in the world. 
  • Foes will no longer do their range attacks when they are close. 
  • Some Admin commands are now broadcast to the server. 
  • More Server CPU Optimizations 
  • Elemental Melee Weapons now look much cooler. Particle Effects and a Light! 
  • New Melee Weapon: The Plasma Sword! 
  • HUD Tweaks to make FoF members easier to see. 
  • The MultiTool will auto lower itself when not firing. No more running around looking like a goof. nobody likes goofs 
  • Doors now automatically deactivate when a friendly player walks into them and then turn on again shortly thereafter 
  • Harvesters with something in them now have a 'something in them' material. 
  • Broke the Weapon Category down into each of the weapon types on the UI. No more mega list of weapons to scroll through! 
  • Base items now show what level they are on the item itself 
  • Campfire Fire Radius will now increase as you upgrade the Campfire 
  • Storage Bin: shift button works for taking/putting. (was in Patch 8 but not called out)


  • Combat logging is no more. If you combat log (e.g. close the app) you will leave a backpack. You must now 'camp out' This can be done by typing 'quit' as before or by using the Esc Menu's Quit Menu Option 
  • Shotgun had some left over built in damage increases from a day long past. These have been removed. 
  • Weapon Damage Balance. Shotguns were OP. Pistols and Assault Rifles Sucked. Melee was pretty good. So what we did was: Keep Melee the same. Reduce Shotgun damage. Raise Assault Rifle Damage A LOT. Raise Pistol Damage A LOT. We want people using ALL of the weapons and not just the Shotgun. 
  • Armor/Weapon Creation Costs. Higher tier Armor and Weapons have had their costs dramatically reduced. We don't want people rage quitting over losing items. We don't want people spending 10s of hours harvesting items for a single item. Good items should take some time that is what makes them good. 
  • Jetpack and Monocycle build costs have been reduced 
  • PVP: Vehicles can no longer be insta-assembled. They will stop you and wait a moment while playing a 'start vehicle' animation. 
  • Locator Costs reduced. 
  • Fixed All of the Elemental Types not having a Super Effective 
  • Elemental Types when being attacked by something they are Super Effective against are not hurt that much 
  • Cave Entrances now have a larger area where you cannot build in. This is to stop the instant kill on zone in of caves that have death traps built directly on the Entrance area. 
  • Prevent players from building buildings on top of pawns and backpacks 
  • NightKillers and TechHunters now have a chance drop additional ammo (DayKillers sneakily already did) 
  • Monsters' Range Attacks no longer do massive damage to rooms


  • Powered Items should have the correct visual status on clients now. 
  • Fix the case we know of that makes some people not be able to purchase pets. 
  • Fixed cases where the server and client would disagree on where it is ok to build 
  • Always adding a PetDuration PlayerSkill each login. 
  • MultiTool Truncaction issues fixed. You should no longer just see 1's on the higher level MultiTools. 
  • Fix Assault Rifle shooting terrain crash 
  • Fix upper portion of stairs not spawning in some situations 
  • fix being able to stun friendly players 
  • fix melee not prioritizing targets outside your FoF group 
  • Several crash fixes for servers 
  • Fix resource consumption issues in vehicles 
  • Fix issues causing clients to think a building is in an OK spot when the server did not 
  • Fix server charging clients for buildings that were unsuccesful

PATCHDANCE: A New Dance Added!