Gunner Z – Supply Drop Instructions

Before we begin it's important to note:
You can not receive Supply Drops in any version of the game before version 1.20
(which at the time of this writing is not yet approved by apple).

How it works:

  1. You give us your Game Center ID
  2. We enter your claim with your Game Center into our database 
  3. You download version 1.20, and then press "Restore Purchases" from the shop
  4. Go through the iTunes restore process, and following that you should see a screen come up saying you received a Supply Drop 


Don't know your Game Center ID?:

  • Open the Game Center app on your device
  • Tap "me" on the bottom bar
  • Write down or take a screenshot of the username that shows just above the number of points you have


Don't have a Game Center Account?

View this page for further information on how to create an account


Amazing press for BitMonster and Lili

We've been overwhelmed by the positive response for Lili.  Our most sincere thanks go out to everyone who passes on our story and showed support.  Also huge thanks to Dana Cowley and Joe Kreiner over at Epic  for their support and for making the launch work, we owe you guys.

So, here's just a handful of fantastic press links from yesterday:








There were so many more, and we're ecstatic for each and every one!  Thanks to all the press!