Community Update #1

Hammerhead Exploring World

Hammerheads in the wild and free running in GRAV!


Welcome to the first edition of our community updates. From now on, we will be keeping a closer eye on the community and sharing any awesome findings. This includes artwork, screenshots, videos or anything else that shows off your experiences in the GRAV worlds. If you have any artwork, screenshots or anything else that you would like to share with us, you can reach us by posting to our BitMonster Twitter account, GRAV Twitter account, Official GRAV FB page or by sending an email to We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Flying Through GRAV

We recently released patch #20 and with it came the addition of the hammerhead, a new jet vehicle. Since we added the hammerhead to GRAV, we've seen some really great screenshots of it in action (this includes the screenshot above from Steam user Klipwc).


Steam user Marchi exploring with his new hammerhead.


Another cool screenshot from Steam user Vittrax.

What About The Other Vehicles?

We haven't forgotten about the other vehicles in GRAV and you haven't either.


SHADOWFRAX enjoying his dune buggy.


Very cool screenshot of the Monocycle in action from Kaizergidorah

Quick Dance Party Break

dance-party-grav This dance party break is brought to you by Xander and his crew.

Forget About Vehicles, Free Running is Where It's at

Well not really, but this video from the above mentioned Klipwc is pretty amazing. We applaud your creativity!

YouTuber Spotlight: Fork

If you're looking for an entertaining YouTuber, look no further than Fork. His YouTube channel features many Let's Plays and he even showcases various indie games on his series, Indie Bytes. You can see episode #1 of Fork & Jam exploring GRAV below.

See You Next Time

This just about wraps up the 1st of many community spotlights. We've enjoyed checking out the videos and screenshots you the community have created and we look forward to doing this a lot more. Also, if you haven't seen our new social profiles for GRAV, you can check them out here: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


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