Community Update #11

GRAV Landscape This week's Shutterbug title goes to Steam user: ClassicK, who also has taken some other beautiful landscape screenshots.

Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to the first community update post of 2016! 2015 was an excellent year, but we're aiming to make 2016 even better! As many of you already know, we've been accepting player surveys and we've been getting some excellent responses. We greatly appreciate everyone that has participated. We are still accepting survey submissions and I'm pleased to let all of you know that from now on, we will be randomly picking 1 survey participant each week to receive a free GRAV Steam key. At the moment, we are especially looking for survey results from players ages 18 – 24. However, any and all ages will always be welcome. To participate in our player surveys, simply send an email to with the subject line "GRAV Survey".

Now, let's get to some cool screenshots submitted by the community.

Shutterbug Runner-Up

This week's Shutterbug title was pretty hard to pick. There were several screenshots that could have taken the title this week. With that being said, here's an excellent screenshot submitted by PvPenny that we absolutely loved!

Hammerhead doing a barrel roll.

Creator Overlord of The Week

This week's Creator Overlord title goes to Steam user: FeiLing for his sweet pyramid base, which seems to be a magnet for bad dune buggy drivers..


Other Cool Screenshots

Each week we always find screenshots that we really like, but can't find a perfect fit for either weekly title. Here are a couple screenshots that we feel deserve some love this week.

332500_screenshots_2016-01-03_00010 “He’s right behind me isn’t he?” 332500_screenshots_2016-01-03_00005 This reminds us that AGDQ is going on right now!

EUR PVE Monocycle Race This Weekend!

If you’re playing on EUR PVE, then you should definitely try to make it to the upcoming Monocycle race this weekend. Community member, Reyjin has put this race together and we’re happy to promote it! We love seeing community created events like this and we strongly encourage more events like this. All the details about this race can be found here: official race info. We hope the race goes smoothly and everyone who participates has fun. You can check out the sweet race track below:

In the future, if any of you want to put on community events like the one mentioned above, you can reach out to us by sending an email to or by messaging us on our social pages. We are happy to help promote any community created events.

See You Soon!

That wraps up this edition of our community updates. If you want to be a part of future community updates, you can do so by submitting your screenshots, videos, artwork or anything GRAV related to us by tweeting at us @playgrav. You can also e-mail us at with the subject line “Community Update Submission”. Until next time, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

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