Community Update #2

Standing Proud Drop Cards proudly posing in this excellent screenshot.


Welcome to the second edition of Community Updates. In this update, we’re going to explore various ways you’ve been playing GRAV. This includes cool bases you’ve built, places you’ve explored, the things you’ve had to do to survive and we even take a look at a sweet dance competition. Also, at the bottom of this post, you will find a list of shoutouts to community members that have helped us on improving GRAV. If you want to send any ideas or suggestions, you can do this in the Steam discussions. Without further ado, let’s check out what you guys have been up to.


The core fundamentals of GRAV are build, explore, dance and survive. First, we’re going to look at some cool structures and bases that you’ve built.

Excellent Base Steam user Klipwc sitting in front if his very intimidating base.

Ramp Pyramid With our recent patch #20, we added new ramps and Qvon took this new addition to the next level by creating a pretty sweet pyramid. We salute your creativity.

Well Protected Base atherelm looking up at this well-situated base.


We can definitely see how much you love exploring everything GRAV has to offer. We had no problems finding excellent screenshots. Below is just a small sample of what we found.

To Worlds Uncharted This beautiful screenshot was taken by SHADOWFRAX appropriately tagged “To worlds uncharted…”

Wingsuit Exploration WestwardAmoeba as he flies through the GRAV world using his wing suit.

Monocycle at Night AiD speeding through the night on his monocycle.

Monocycle During The Day Another cool screenshot from GrandaddyKush taking his monocycle for a spin during the day. What he does at night, we can only speculate…


Dancing is a unique aspect of GRAV and we love seeing all of you getting down with your sick dance moves.

Dancing GRAV Players SelfleS taking a break from the dune buggy to get down. Sometimes you just gotta dance.

This video is pretty hilarious and we recommend you check it out. It shows YouTuber CeScO EightyFive having a sick dance competition with some friends.


Survival comes above all else and as we see from the screenshots below, it sometimes makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do.

End of Battle The Collector showing us how serious survival is.

Take This However, sometimes survival makes us come together to aid others. Kaizerdorah showing us how it’s done.

GRAV player surviving Kaizerdorah’s warning wasn’t a lie. However, Briskethead looks well equipped for the fight.


We’re dedicated to constantly improving GRAV and we greatly appreciate all the feedback that we get from the GRAV community. Below are some future additions that will come with patch #21 and we would like to leave a few shoutouts before we close this edition of Community Updates. For more shoutouts and the latest patch information, check out this thread in Steam discussions.

  • -IMPROVEMENT: Loading Screens now show some ProTips created by Rusty! If you have any tips please post them on the forums so we can include them. -SHOUOUT: Rusty

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing rooms to refuse to build in situations they should have allowed. -SHOUOUT: Rusty

  • -BUGFIX: Add missing WearSelectedGearSet 6 to the keybinds. -SHOUOUT: luvhateluv

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed rooms not updating physics collision when neighboring rooms were destroyed. -SHOUOUT: Klipwc

  • -BUGFIX: Bubble Shield: No longer do damage to the bubble shield when shooting from the inside to the outside. -SHOUOUT: KyoKing

  • -IMPROVEMENT: DEU Localization updated! -SHOUOUT: Maxunit

  • -IMPROVEMENT: LOD for teleporter room particle effects. -SHOUOUT: Rusty

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed being able to use jetpack with no resources. -SHOUOUT: L33T

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed being able to create roomless teleporters. -SHOUOUT: Rustnots

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed idlers not being kicked in some scenarios. -SHOUOUT: L33T

  • -BUGFIX: Laser fences now damage vehicles. -SHOUOUT: Lusty

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed the locator always having the same elements for E and BE. -SHOUOUT: Prophet

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed refined materials not showing up in your inv nor storage bins. -SHOUOUT: Royal Bouch Dag

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed Science Station having incorrect mesh for some resources. -SHOUOUT: Bobdamek

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed some resources in ice caves not being mine-able. -SHOUTOUT: Rustytunes

  • -BUGFIX: Fixed outdated check to stop people healing when falling. -SHOUTOUT: L33T

  • -IMPROVEMENT: Add additional Crafting Material Categories: Essence, Stim Mats, and Star Material -SHOUTOUT: L33T

  • -IMPROVEMENT: Allow weapon reloading when falling. -SHOUTOUT: Rusty

  • See You Next Time

    This wraps up the 2nd edition of our Community Updates. We hope you all enjoy these updates as much as we like making them. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos here in the chat, on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


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