Community Update #3

GRAV in ColorRoyal Bouch Dag has taken advantage of the new color options by creating this really cool looking base. You can check out more of his colorful creations in this thread.


Welcome to the third edition of Community Updates. With Patch 21, we added the ability for you to change the colors of your bases. In this update, we will check out some new stylish bases and we’re also going to check out project Citadel and other random awesomeness. Let’s get to it.

So Many Colors!

It’s only been a few days since Patch 21 launched and we’ve already seen some really stylish bases pop up.

Colorful Base Another view of Royal Bouch Dag’s base.

Colorful Dance OffThis dance off comes courtesy of Steam member N.O.shotgun

Green BaseThis green beast is another remarkable creation by community member Klipwc


Sometimes when exploring, building and surviving, you have to take a step back and get a few selfies in.

Moon SelfieThis very cool Moon selfie comes from community member Murdok

Cave Selfie19RoNiNCZ taking a quick selfie break before venturing out in pursuit of rare loot.

Wood SelfieBad joke in 3..2..1……Got Wood? Ba dum tss! You can thank Cane Skretteburg for provoking that terrible joke.

Project Citadel

If you haven’t already heard of Project Citadel, you should definitely check it out. Klipwc and friends are currently building a full city for free running. The overall design is based off of Hangsha of Dues Ex. You can see a rough design of the city entrance below. For more information about Project Citadel and a recap of day 1, see this thread.

Project Citadel Entrance

Giveaway and Let’s Play

If you haven’t purchased GRAV yet, you should definitely check out these videos. One of them by MineDatFunky shows a trailer of GRAV. He is also giving a away 2 copies, so you could end up winning a free copy of GRAV! The other video by YouTuber Commander ChaosWulff is the first episode of his exploring GRAV series.

This wraps up our third Community Update. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


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