Community Update #4

Horse HeadsGet ready to prance around with these sweet new hats! Coming soon…


Welcome to the fourth edition of Community Updates. Before we begin, we want to thank everyone that has participated in our recent survey. Your answers and suggestions have been nothing less than excellent. We are incredibly appreciative to have such a passionate community. If you haven’t participated in our survey yet, you can still do so by sending an email to with the subject line GRAV Survey (only if you want to). Also, as you can see from the image above, we are adding some sweet new hats soon. We also have some more cool teasers that we will be showing off tomorrow on Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned.

Twitch & YouTube

Recently, we found a very interesting thread in the Steam Discussions from Steam user BA_Bass where he discusses starting a stream group. Since the creation of this group, we’ve seen some new streamers playing GRAV on Twitch. This includes Bwana, Daopa, Bandhelix, BA_Bass and others. We’ve had a lot of fun watching these streams and we look forward to many more. In fact, we’ve been throwing around some ideas on how to encourage more people to stream GRAV, so stay tuned because we should have an announcement on this soon. Also, you should definitely check out this Let’s Play series from YouTuber Larry Chupacabra. You can see the first episode below:

Cool Bases

While looking through recent screenshots, we found a massive amount of excellent bases, so we thought it would only be fair to show off some of the outstanding bases that caught our attention.

red-green-baseRoyal Bouch Dag’s colorful beast of a base.

marvelous-baseUNAVAILABLE’s truly marvelous base.

cool-base-placementCheck out the cool placement of this base by the holy piece of sh*t (keeping it family friendly).

green-beast-baseCheck out this cool greenroom (get it?) by Spacial Buckets

red-yellow-baseHere’s another superbly colorful base by Steam user Marchi

Random Awesomeness

There was just too many great screenshots to choose from. Because of this, we have decided that the best way to describe the images below is to just call them random awesomeness.

wingsuit-green-landscapeThis beautiful screenshot was taken by malibu

dancing-with-crewHere’s MK and his crew going hard in the paint

exploring-on-moon79RoNiNCZ cruising on the moon

This wraps up our fourth Community Update. As always, you can submit your screenshots, artwork and videos on Steam or on our social accounts: GRAV FB and GRAV Twitter.


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