Community Update #6

Exploring With WingsuitScreenshot taken by Vomalash

Welcome to Community Update #6

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Community Update. First, we would like to thank all of you for your patience as we continue to work hard on the upcoming update. I would like to reward you with a sneak peek at some new weapons coming to the update: Assault Rifle Concept Art Pistol Concept Art I recently made a post on Steam about what we’re up to. If you’re curious about what’s going on and why we have been a bit quiet lately, you should check it out.

Also, we are still running the Streamer Starter Kit. We are currently in the process of converting the original post to a page that includes a form, so you can more easily and quickly reach out to us about receiving a GRAV Steam key. In the meantime, you can still participate by sending an email to with the subject line "Streamer Starter Kit". We are looking for streamers and YouTubers who are active and have some sort of following. It doesn't have to be a huge following, we just want to make sure that when you say something, there is a group of people who listen.

We are also looking to partner with some larger streamers, so if you or someone you know has a large following (at least 10,000 followers/subscribers), we would love to hear from you! As we come closer to releasing the next update, we want to make sure that streamers with larger audiences have an opportunity to share what the update has to offer in hopes of growing our community. For more information, message us at with a link to your stream or YouTube channel.

Since our last post, we've seen the official launch of YouTube Gaming and the first ever TwitchCon, so we feel like it's only right that we share some of the best Let's Play videos that have released since the release of GRAV back in January.


Entak has a great gameplay series that includes 15 videos. This series includes solo gameplay, multiplayer gameplay and a survival guide for new players.

BaronVonGamez also covered GRAV in a 3 video series that includes some funny commentary and gameplay.

Starsnipe’s videos on GRAV are excellent and they do a good job of showing off the soundtrack and some of the more relaxing aspects of GRAV.

BriSciFi recently uploaded an excellent 9 part series of GRAV that covers some of the more recent additions to the game. You can see the first episode of the 9 part series below:

Music Mix

Before we close this edition of community updates, we would like to share a really cool music mashup that was sent to us by YouTuber VJspacecat.

This wraps up this edition of our community updates. We’re going to continue to power through the upcoming update and get news out as soon as possible. Until then, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

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