Community Update #8

Player Exploring on Monocycle

The first ever Shutterbug title goes to Aca40eSete. Congratulations on taking this beautiful and clean screenshot!


It’s been a while since we’ve done a community update post. With that being said, we are going to try and get out at least one community update post per week. If you haven’t already heard, we are adding to these community update posts. To start, each post will include 2 titles. The first title, shutterbug, goes to the best screenshot of the week. The second title, Creator Overlord, goes to the best base of the week. Also, we are adding a new QA section to community update posts for the foreseeable future. If you want to submit a question, you can do so here: Keep in mind, this thread is strictly for questions and not discussions. It’s cool if you can answer some questions in the QA thread, but please only do so if you have facts.

Creator Overlord of The Week

It was very tough deciding who deserves the first ever title of Creator Overlord of the week! There were plenty of excellent bases to choose from, but after closing analyzing the submitted bases, the title of Creator Overlord of the week goes to…NekoValkyrie! Beach House in PC Game GRAV

Maybe it’s because we’re missing summer time, but we absolutely loved this really cool beach house base. I mean, check out that view!


For more screenshots of this awesome base, check out NekoValkyrie’s screenshot page.

Runner Up Bases

As stated above, it was really tough choosing the best base of the week, so here are a couple more bases that definitely deserve some love.

Base by Steam user maakris

Base by Redditor Kozio_

You can see more of Kozio_’s golf ball base here: yzE2h1v

Base by Redditor Gatordude910

You can see more of this base and more creations by Gatordude910 here:

Other Cool Images

It wasn’t hard finding some really cool images for this community update post, so here are some other interesting screenshots we found.

Looks like Jonat is NOT afraid of heights.

Speaking of not being afraid of heights, we really liked this screenshot by Bruce Norris. Not nearly as scary and kind of peaceful.


Here’s another wingsuit inspired image. This one comes to us by Steam user Trev

Getting Started

We love seeing the community help each other out and YouTuber, Elite has created some really good how-to videos for players that are starting out. Below, you can see a quick and helpful guide by Elite on how to build your first base. Elite also has some other really helpful videos, so definitely check out his channel if you’re just getting started on your GRAV journey.

Here’s another good video for GRAV beginners by YouTuber, LittleDonnyTV.

GRAV Community QA

Shazai – “Any plans on adding some furniture to make possible to decorate the base a bit. Not saying it has to be in sane like 20-30 or whatever furniture. Maybe just some basic things like a table and chairs and such?”

Yes! We have a bunch modeled already and will be adding it soon

D0ct0r Pa1n – “Will you be adding a party system so you can form temp groups instead of fof?”

Yep! This is planned for the future. We need to think through the ramifications very carefully and come up with a good solution but it’s definitely on the list.

Gmodlover86 – “what planets do the turkey hats drop on?”

They are not restricted to any particular planets.. Here’s a hint: What sort of creature would a bird head drop from?

Deathx91 – “Will we get one day an orbit rotation timer? I would love to know when each planet/moon rotates :'(“

Yes! We plan to show rotation times in the stargate, as well as adding a timer for players that are on the planet. Additionally when a planet’s rotation timer is up, players on that planet will be given warning and then transferred to their home planet so people can’t camp planets any longer

CajunT – “Are character transfers available still?”

Yes, although they are done manually so it may take some time to get to all the requests.

TrayDog – “Will the servers be wiped again? I’ve worked really hard on one the servers and have put tons of hours on it. I just want to know so i can determine whether i should keep working on my character or not.”

We have no plans to do any wipes beyond the overflow server merges. We have done exactly one wipe since the game launched and that was for Reborn where we changed the whole progression of the game.

That wraps up this edition of our community updates. If you want to submit your questions for future community update posts, please do so here: Also, if you want to be a part of future community updates, you can do so by submitting your screenshots, videos, artwork or anything GRAV related to us by tweeting at us @playgrav. You can also e-mail us at with the subject line “Community Update Submission”. Until next time, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

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