For any iPod touch 4th generation owners…

Our sincerest apologies goes out to anyone with the 4th Generation iPod Touch who is downloading Lili and unable to run the game.

While I know it seems like we are clearly motivated to have this mistake occur, we promise you the matter is completely out of our hands and we are trying as hard as possible to make sure people know the device is NOT supported prior to paying $4.99 for the game, and to make sure people know where they can ask for refunds.

To give some context we have to explain how the app store works.  When you put a product up there for sale, there is not a list of devices with checkboxes next to them that you are supporting.  As best we can guess, they want all apps to support all devices.  Which is a great theory.

It's unfortunate, but the best you can do when creating a game with high end requirements is use some trickery and do things like say, "hey, this game requires a front facing camera".  Obviously Lili does not require a front facing camera, but it's one of the only ways you can prevent people with very outdated phones from purchasing your app and being unable to run it.

The issue is that the iPod touch 4th generation does have a front facing camera, so it passes that requirement, but it also has half of the system memory of the iPhone 4 and any other device with a front camera.  Making a high end game that runs on new devices, but still fits in 256 megs of RAM is extremely challenging, and it's why you see disclaimers on many app descriptions saying "we don't support device X".  That is the very best a developer can do, and actually the practice of putting that disclaimer in a description is frowned upon, and can result in apps getting removed from the store… so, even that is risky.  It's very "rock and hard place".

We are actively trying to create a version of the game that runs on the 256 meg devices, but we can't promise anything.  Right now, that version we are trying out literally has no user interface, or extremely blurry unreadable imagery.  If we can make it work, we will do our best to release it, but it's an extremely agressive endeavor, and an end result we don't know if we'll be proud of or not.  Even running our introductory screen and loading basic functions uses that amount of memory, which is why you see it crash at that point.  

So, for now, all we can ask is that you PLEASE refrain from giving us 1 star reviews with all-caps rants about how the game is a scam and everyone should be warned about it.  We're not an evil company with a sneaky scam agenda.  We're 6 guys who have been pouring our heart into this game for the last 7 months, and it's extremely disheartening to see our review averages brought down by something completely out of our control.  No, asking Apple to edit their system requirements data is not an option, it's something developers have been seeking for a long time.  There is literally nothing we can do about it.

The good news is that most of the people who contacted us directly have managed to get a refund, although that is not something we promise either, we don't run the marketplace. Here's info we found online where you can ask them for your money back though:


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