P L A Y  G R A V  T O D A Y

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GRAV, the game about planet exploration, base building and survival.

Explore beautiful planets filled with unknown alien monsters and other astronauts. Options are limitless. Kill mobs, kill players, build the new Atlantis, become an emperor and lay claim to a planet!

Each new world is populated by many different plants, animals, and mineable elements. Players can explore the massive environment above ground or journey deep into one of the hundreds of dungeons each with their own collection of assorted bounties. Whether playing alone, or with a group, players will need to delve deep into GRAV’s richly populated worlds to collect and harvest resources. Rich mineral deposits and natural occurring elements allow players to build epic bases complete with automated defenses and traps. In addition, players can craft weapons, armor, and other equipment to help them survive in a dangerous universe.

Shooting in GRAV

GRAV Features

  • Endless Worlds – The planets of GRAV are procedurally generated from composite parts. This allows for a near infinite combination of biomes, alien sites, and dungeons.
  • Gorgeous Visuals – Genre re-defining visuals allow you to experience fear, excitement, and trepidation in a way never seen before.
  • Frenzied Combat – Compared to the zen-like calm of harvesting resources, combat is a wild ride which you can only hope to survive. Both Melee and Shooting are the tools of death in GRAV.

  • Player vs Player – Create alliances with other players, viciously kill them and take their belongings, or run from it all! It’s up to you how you interact with your fellow players.
  • Powerful Base Construction – Supporting a modular contextual room based construction system allows for building bases quickly. GRAV’s building system can be used for creating an entire city, a quick base to fight off enemy players, or building an outpost deep in a dungeon to defend against the aggressive hordes.
  • Extensive Crafting – Anything you can harvest or kill has a chance to drop Crafting Materials. Building everything from the armor you wear, weapons you kill with, to the actual bases themselves comes from crafting.

  • Dynamic Environmental Events – GRAV employs a procedural system to create world events for players. A night could consist of blossoming night flowers, meteors raining down from the heavens, or even a horde of very angry alien wildlife trying to kill you and anything you have ever made.
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons – The planets of GRAV are full of dungeons that are created specifically for that planet. Full of rare resources, dangerous foes, and environmental obstacles that provide a high-risk high-reward play area.
  • Hostile Environments – Alien planets have a combination of semi safe areas and just plain you-are-probably-going to die locations! The planets of GRAV are places where you must do whatever it takes to survive.

Steam Reviews

  • TheAndyPV
    “After loosing hope on Early Access i decided to buy one last game, and holy vodka am i glad i did, this game is AMAZING.”
  • Saeed
    “The game has vibrant colors. Imagine Rust and Planet Explorers had a baby and named it GRAV.”

  • ShadowMane
    “HIGHLY RECOMENDED TO THE FOLLOWING: 1. any fan of minecraft, 2. any fan of the forest, 3. any fan of starbound (this game STRONGLY resembles a 3d starbound to me)”
  • Skip.
    “its been 23 hours since i left my room….”
  • Urizon
    “You will die…you will laugh…and you will die some more while you learn.”

Steam Link
Humble Bundle Link