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The One Universe update brings a single universe to GRAV. This means that we have linked together the official servers, so players located anywhere in the world can play together. No more joining new servers and starting over, so you can play with your friends. You can play with anyone, anywhere at anytime. This update is aimed at bringing players together and making GRAV a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.


The One Universe update is primarily an experience focussed update aimed at linking servers together to allow anyone to play together. However, we’ve added a lot more to GRAV with this update:

  • No More Planet Rotation – Along with the single universe, we’ve added many planets. The best part is that you can visit these planets at anytime! No more waiting to visit various planets.
  • FoF Chat Now Spans Across Planets – Only want to talk to people on your planet? Done! Want to talk to everyone? Done! You will now be able join and create your own chat channels whenever you please.

  • Faster Resource Mining – Items that have large amounts of resources (i.e. fossils) now take similar times to mine as everything else.
  • Localization Updates & Player Model Has Been Improved



  • When first joining a universe, the player will now be given a menu to select which home planet they’d like to start on.
  • PvP and PvE is now per planet. Stargates display whether a given planet is pvp or not.
  • Sped up resource mining that contain larger amounts (ie fossils) to take a similar amount of time as everything else.
  • Reduce Turret Sounds Volume
  • We now play a particle effect when you get a harvesting jackpot
  • Player model has been uprez’d
  • One world! Stargates will now open portals to many planets of that type. Planet rotation is no more so all exos are accesible at all times.
  • Hammerheads now have damage FX
  • Czech localization updates -SHOUTOUT: Jakub Vopasek
  • DEU localization updates -SHOUTOUT: Maxunit
  • Fix event names to match the new monster names.
  • Added more Grid names.
  • Lowered Doom Buggy engine sound volume.
  • FoF chat now spans across planets
  • Cloud data for non database third party servers is now grouped in a nice parent directoyr per planetmanager


  • Storage bin blueprint is now owned by default.
  • Night darkness levels reduced
  • Harvesting now gives you EXP.
  • Raptor movement speed increased.
  • Turtle movement speed decreased.
  • Player backwards movement speed decreased.
  • Harvesting Jackpots now give you bonus experience points.
  • Area Totems (in addition to taxing) will now generate Dark Gaia on PVP Planets. Currently 1 every 30 min by default.
  • No longer force a walk when stamina runs low


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to spawn in level 6 areas initially.
  • Flying a Hammerhead under the world will now result in damage.
  • Fixed missing drop shadow on a bunch of text.
  • Fixed player ID string getting set to ‘//////fw’ for some players. NOTE: All player IDs will change after this update (but stay the same here on out)
  • Fixed possible inventory exploits when servers are shutting down.
  • Fixed Mob Melee Attacks hitting you when they should not.