Lili – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I have an iPodTouch4G and when I run the game I get to the logo and then it closes back to the desktop

A: Right now, The game will not run on an iPodTouch4G.  This is mentioned in the second line of the description page, but if you missed this and bought Lili for your iPodTouch4G see this page for more information.

Q: I don't have an iPodTouch4G, I have one of the supported devices and the game still closes at the logo when I try to launch it, or closes while I'm moving between areas

A: Luckily, the solution is pretty straight forward.  Close all background apps and restart your phone.  This may seem silly, but nine times out of ten it works!  This is because iOS will hold onto memory as time goes on, and often if you haven't restarted your phone in quite a while it won't have enough space for Lili to run.  (Lili needs quite a bit of memory!)


Q: The game "Freezes" during initial load (when the blue moon video is playing)
A: No worries! The game is not actually frozen.  Occasionally the loading video will stop looping for a time, but rest assured it is actually still loading in the background.  Give it a couple minutes and the game will finish loading normally.


Q: When I launch Lili it closes immediately, without showing any logos at all.

A: This means you need to update to iOS 5.0 or later on your device.  To check the version of iOS go to settings->general->about and check out the line that says 'Version'.  There is a number next to "Version' which is the version of iOS currently installed.


Q: I'm in Mill Hill and can't find the spirit named Redgum?

A: You may have an older version of the game.  Make sure you grab the lastest update to resolve that situation.  If you're in Mill Hill, and you fully close the app, and restart in the new version, Redgum should be running around normally, just waiting to get trounced :)


Q: Does Lili support iCloud syncing between devices?

A: Currently, no.  We are all hooked into the iCloud API but due to a scare as we were releasing 1.0.1, we were worried people could potentially lose their saved games.  We chose to forego iCloud syncing until we are absolutely sure it won't wreck someone's savegame :).  Look for iCloud syncing in an update soon!


Q: I am stuck, or otherwise unable to progress, what do I do?!

A: The first thing to try is completely close the app (double tap the home button, hold the lili icon until a red – appears on the top left, then tap the -) and relaunch the app.  This will put you back in a safe spot where you can hopefully continue on your adventure.  Note: There are some known issues in the forest which can cause hangups, which will be fixed in the next update.


Q: My problem is not on this list!

A: Feel free to send us an e-mail!  We would love to hear from you and will do our best to resolve any issues you might have.  E-mail us at

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