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You have the power to make a real difference inside and outside the world of (THRED). Navigate through an endless runner and dodge obstacles while listening to the sounds of DJ Poet and TOKiMONSTA, plus a very special Skida remix of the Tiësto & Swanky Tunes track, ‘Make Some Noise’ generously donated by Tiësto. Unreal Engine 3 license generously donated by Epic Games. Play (THRED) and help Coca-Cola and (RED) deliver an AIDS-Free Generation by 2015. All proceeds (excluding taxes) are donated to the Global Fund to invest in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, including treatment for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Pinch, pull and tap your way to victory through this multi-level endless runner genre mobile game created by BitMonster. Tout to your friends how much you have spent playing the game, for a good cause. Move vertically and horizontally to progress through (THRED)’s tunnel where obstacles lurk at every corner and angle. Compare distance covered with friends and share how much you have spent playing (THRED) via Facebook and Twitter. For every in-app purchase completed, you will contribute to the beginning of the end of AIDS.


  • 3D environments of technological walls, ever-shifting obelisks, living dragon-like gateways and powerful collectibles.
  • Endless flight using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to push the visuals even further with features including lens flares, blooming highlights, Fresnel shaders and extensive particle effects.
  • Scripted music triggering based on progression through fog and other visual hurdles
  • In-game store front for purchasing power ups, extra lives
  • Twitter and Facebook integrations for scoring and purchases
  • Brag-posts include links to the (THRED) app store page
  • Artistically integrated and informative moments featuring information about AIDS and the 2015 goal


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