Introducing The Streamer Starter Kit

Want More Visibility on Your Stream/YouTube Channel? We’re Here to Help.


// Since launching this program, we have had a ton of requests and want to thank everyone that has reached out to us! You guys are great. However, with this flood of requests, it ha made it very hard for us to reply to everyone in a timely manner, so if you haven’t been seen a reply from us, we apologize.

We have also seen a bit of confusion (most likely due to the way we worded the process), so we want to take the time to clear a couple things up.

1.) This program is open to everyone. However, not everyone will get a key. When you message us, it’s more of an application. We evaluate everyone individually. There are no requirements, so you may have only 25 followers, but get a key. We just want to make sure that we aren’t giving keys to users that have either A – just created a profile for a free key or B – user has an old profile, but doesn’t use it and are only linking to it to recieve a free key.

There are other reasons, but we don’t want to bore you with a long list.

2.) We have had a few people message us about reviewing GRAV. We didn’t mention reviewers in the Streamer Starter Kit becuase we didn’t think about it. However, we are always open to sending keys to individuals that want to review GRAV. Keep in mind, this is an application process as well. We just want to make sure your intentions are real. Other than that, you will most likely get a key :)

Once again, we want to thank everyone that has reached out to us. It has been pretty exciting and we look forward to seeing more people covering GRAV. //


Earlier this month, Steam user BA_Bass created a new group called the GRAV Steam Team. We were very excited when we found this and have decided to create a new way to help promote any streamer that wants to cover GRAV. We are calling it the Streamer Starter Kit. We are not limiting this service to just streamers. YouTubers are also welcome.

Basically, we are willing to give *anyone that wants to cover GRAV a GRAV Steam key to giveaway on their channel. We will also promote anyone that covers GRAV by mentioning your streams/channels on our social media profiles. There are no follower requirement to take part in this. We want to help all of you, just as much as you help us. We are giving away a minimum of 1 Steam key per user. However, if you have a decent following (this will be evaluated on a case by case basis), then we are willing to give you many more keys to giveaway.

Keep in mind that this will initially be a trial run. If too many people take advantage of this program (sell keys, not actually stream GRAV etc…), then we will end this program. However, if everyone can be honest and transparent, then we have no problem making this a longer term thing.

As stated above, there are no follower requirements. However, we would like to have open communication with anyone that wants to receive a free key. We aren’t saying we want to hold your hand throughout the process. We would simply like to know when you will be streaming and/or releasing your video on YouTube so we can mention it on our social media accounts. Also, we do not require that you say only nice things about GRAV. GRAV is an early access alpha game, so if there are things you don’t like about the game, you are free to voice your opinion. In fact, we would love to hear about your ideas and experiences with GRAV. You can do this by being active on the GRAV Steam Community, or by taking part in our on-going surveys by sending an email to with the subject line “GRAV Survey”.

To receive your Streamer Starter Pack, all you have to do is send an email to with a link to your Twitch/YouTube channel (from the same business email address that is on your Twitch/YouTube channel), how many followers you have (remember there is no minimum), when you want to stream/upload video and any other notes you want to add. We would prefer that you use the subject line “Streamer Starter Kit”, so we can more easily find your email and get your key(s) to you that much faster.

We hope to see many participants and if you don’t stream, but know people that do, we would love it if you could spread the word!


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