New Lili gameplay trailer and info!

Hey all!  So, for those interested in seeing a bit more than camera flythroughs and characters, we give you our new gameplay trailer!

This is footage from a new iPad (3) including footage of our "non-combat" system… which some have termed "agressive gardening" :)

Ultimately Lili is on the island of Geos to gather flowers with magic properties, and the best flowers on the island happen to grow on the backs of the rather nasty wood Spirits that rule the island.  In addition to doing side quests and some mini-games, Lili finds herself leaping on the Spirits and relieving them of their flowers while avoiding the defenses of the Spirits.  Aside from that the world is full of exploration, and loads of great NPCs to interact with…. which we hope people agree are pretty inventive.

Also visible in the video is our dialogue system and a glimpse of our movement controls.





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