Patch 21 Notes

Colored Bases

Hello everyone! Patch 21 is upon us, so it’s time to go over the latest additions and improvements.


In this patch, we’ve included a new weapon, new player job, base items, improved loading screens and more. The full breakdown is below:

Nexus Buster

EMP Shield Buster

The new item can be placed near enemy area totems and drill platforms. When it’s charged, it will temporarily bring down shield generators that are in range.

Ladder and Wooden Structural Support

These base items function exactly as they sound.

Customize Your Rooms

Now you can customize the colors of your rooms!

Anti Vehicle Gun

Anti Vehicle Missiles

This new weapon was included in our patch 20 notes, but didn’t make it in time. However, it’s included with this new patch. It’s perfect for taking out vehicles with its strong and homing missiles. Keep in mind that this weapon is significantly weaker against non-vehicles.

Loading Screen Enhancements

Loading screens are now faster and show ProTips created by community member Rusty. If you want to add your tips, post them on the forums and we will get them added.

Hotbar Can Hold Additional Actions

The hotbar can now hold 3x as many actions via shift and control modifier keys.

More Hit Impact Sounds

More objects now have hit impact sounds.

You Can Now Force Planet Rotation

In Solo Play, if your planets are not rotating when you use the Stargate’s ‘Force Planet Rotations’ button, you can now hold shift and click ‘Force Planet Rotation’. This will reset the planet manager’s data. This should allow you to then use the ‘Force Planet Rotation’ button and have the planet/moon rotate.


Below are items that have been changed to add more balance to GRAV.

You Can Disable Base Decay

We’ve added server launch option to disable base decay should server operators choose to do so. Add ?DoBaseDecay=0 if you want to turn base decay off.

More Base Decay Info

Base decay value of harvesters has been increased to 4 days. Also, base decay times are now a multiple of the item’s level. For example, the default decay time is 48 hours, but a level 2 item decays in 96 hours and so on. Lastly, Drill platform decay time has been increased to 4 days.

Various Cost Reductions

Large Vehicle construction, running and ammo costs have been reduced. Also, area totem construction costs have been reduced.

Relaxed Build Restrictions

Build restrictions on area totems and drill platforms have been relaxed since they are now vulnerable to shield busters.


As with all patches, we’ve included many bugfixes. The full list is below:
  • Players in the outside world who are in cave/instance state will now take damage.
  • Fixed bug allowing ‘invisible’ base items to be built.
  • Fix for a case where Invis Stim looked active but the game didn’t think you were invis
  • Fixed player logs getting corrupted causing new entries to be unreadable thereafter
  • Fixed resources in ice caves being too dark.
  • Fixed some resources in ice caves not being mine-able. -SHOUTOUT: Rustytunes
  • Fixed outdated check to stop people healing when falling. -SHOUTOUT: L33T
  • Fixed the locator always having the same elements for E and BE. -SHOUOUT: Prophet
  • Fixed refined materials not showing up in your inv nor storage bins. -SHOUOUT: Royal Bouch Dag
  • Fixed server crash when destroying rooms on top of extremely high support structures. -SHOUOUT: cartographer and L33T
  • Fixed client incorrectly thinking there was not structural support when on top of very tall structures. -SHOUOUT: L33T
  • Fixed Science Station having incorrect mesh for some resources. -SHOUOUT: Bobdamek
  • Fixed vehicles not decaying. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Fixed issues that could cause ‘ghost vehicles’ that were not enterable. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Fixed being able to use jetpack with no resources. -SHOUOUT: L33T
  • Fixed being able to create roomless teleporters. -SHOUOUT: Rustnots
  • Fixed being able to trigger a build attempt when in an invalid spot.
  • Fixed idlers not being kicked in some scenarios. -SHOUOUT: L33T
  • Fixed a case where walls and floors were not being removed from PhysX during construction of neighboring rooms.
  • Laser fences now damage vehicles. -SHOUOUT: Lusty
  • Fix being able to build rooms underneath other rooms with foundations. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Fix being able to use Guardians to blow up generators that are close to the walls of a protected base.
  • Fixed having to equip a weapon before getting ammo at armory or drops for it. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Fixed Drill Platforms getting incorrectly refunded in some cases. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Stargate ‘Force Planet Rotation’ button no longer needs ‘iamacheater’ to make it work in Solo Play. -SHOUOUT: Klipwc
  • Fixed MP games not having the correct localized monster names. -SHOUOUT: DonYanmo and Eveaustria
  • Fixed tundra caves not have proper levels or spawn types.
  • Fixed rooms not updating physics collision when neighboring rooms were destroyed. -SHOUOUT: Klipwc
  • Inventory and Storage Bin UI optimizations.
  • Bubble Shield: No longer do damage to the bubble shield when shooting from the inside to the outside. -SHOUOUT: KyoKing
  • Improved Centurion tank ground clearance. It now has no trouble going up ramps and steep inclines.
  • Fixed exciting bug causing loading screen to pop up when destroying things in caves.
  • Fixed an issue causing rooms to refuse to build in situations they should have allowed. -SHOUOUT: Rusty
  • Add missing WearSelectedGearSet 6 to the keybinds. -SHOUOUT: luvhateluv
  • Fix base items that were not decaying listing 2+ days for decay time instead of inf.

For more information on this and future patches, visit our patch discussions thread on Steam. Till next time on BitBog, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

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